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  • Sonal Narang & Arnav Saluja March 2017

    Mr. Ramesh Narang, Managing Director, Hazoorilal Legacy Jewellers, New Delhi

    Mr. Neeraj Saluja, Managing Director, SEL Group, Ludhiana

    Ramesh Narang (Father of the Bride)

    It was a pleasure working with Shaadionline for the last 6 months…. The right of professionalism with personalized attention.

    Rohan Narang (Brother of the Bride)

    Thank you to the entire team at Shaadionline for your support throughout the entire journey. #sonav wouldn’t have been the same with you all. Thanks

    Priyanka Narang (Sister in law of the Bride)

    Thank you Shaadionline team for your support throughout. It wouldn’t have been possible without you all being there.

    Sonal Narang (Bride)

    Thank you so much for being a part of our happiness and for making it all so much easier.

  • Rishabh Oswal & Sanjana Arora Feb 2017

    Mr. Kamal Oswal, Vice Chairman, Oswal Industries, Nahar Group, Monte Carlo, Ludhiana

    Mr. Ashwani Kumar Arora, CEO, Daawat Group, LT Foods, Gurugram

    Kamal Oswal (Father of the Groom)

    If you employ them for once, you will have formed a relationship for life

    Manisha Oswal (Mother of the Groom)

    Thank you to the SOL team for all the effort put in especially for the rituals. I think Vandana knows the rituals better than me.

    Neha Nahata (Sister of the Groom)

    Great efforts put in by everyone to make this a memorable wedding. Everything was perfect.

    Rishabh Oswal (Groom)

    Everything went very good…Cheers to Shaadionline!! Thank you Vandana, Ruchi and team for the work put in.

  • Megha Gupta and Vaibhav Bansal February 2017

    Mr. Pankaj Gupta, Director, Prabha Electronics Private Limited,
    Mr. Shammi Bansal, Executive Director, Liberty Group, New Delhi

    PANKAJ GUPTA (Father of the Bride)

    A Champagne treat for all the hard work put in by the team. Well done each of you for the efforts put in. Thanks to the entire team…. Megha’s wedding went off very smoothly. Special mention to Triptee and Jyoti for going the extra mile and taking my tantrums and making things work!! Cheers!!


    Megha and I wanted to thank you much for all the help and Support. We both had a lot of fun. Thanks a lot again.

  • Devanshi Gupta and Puushpit Garg April 2017

    Mr. Rajesh Gupta, OPG Industries, Chennai

    Mr. Vinod Garg, Director, Pushpit Steel Private Ltd., Chennai

    SHAILJA GUPTA (Mother of the Bride)

    Thank you Jairaj Sir and Your full team it wouldn’t have been possible without you all.

    SNEH GUPTA (Bua of Bride)

    Hey SOL Team you guys are excellent you rocked it. You guys are too good. The best team to be with if you want a stress free wedding as they take away all your stress and you rock.

    ANAND GARG (Chacha of the groom)

    Congratulations to the team. Well Performed.

    BHARAT GARG (Chacha of the groom)

    Thank you Jai, Vandana, Tania.

    PREETI GARG (Chachi of the groom)

    Thank you so much Jai Sir, Vandana, Tania, Triptee and the entire team for the wonderful support.


    Thank you all of you for making our wedding so special.

  • Neha Gupta & Ishaan Bector Nov 2016

    Mr. Rajender Gupta, Chairman, Trident Group, Ludhiana

    Mr. Anoop Bector, Executive Director, Cremica foods, Punjab

    Abhishek Gupta & Gayatri Mittal April 2014

    Mr. Rajender Gupta, Chairman, Trident Group, Ludhiana

    Mr. Mahesh Mittal, Director, Aarti Steels Limited, Ludhiana

    Mr. ABHISHEK GUPTA (Groom & Brother of the bride)

    Jai Raj thanks so much to you and your wonderful team for making this wedding truly wonderful. Love all you guys. Thanks a ton.

    Ms. NEHA GUPTA (Bride)

    SOL is like family now. Any wedding in the family is simply incomplete without them. They put together a wedding more beautiful than my dreams with such ease and emotionally were there throughout. A big thankyou to the entire team for working relentlessly and creating so many beautiful memories.
    Thankyou for keeping me a Bride chilla and not Bride Zilla And truly admire your work ethic and passion.

  • Udita Agrawal and Utsav Khaitan Dec 2016

    Mr. Pradeep Agrawal, Chairman, Superior Group, New Delhi

    Mr. Shailesh Khaitan, Managing Director, Khaitan Chemicals, New Delhi

    Mr. PRADEEP AGRAWAL(Father of the bride)

    Thank you so much for all your efforts SOL team.

    Mrs. RITU AGRAWAL (Mother of the bride)

    It has been a roller coaster journey with too many emotional moments. Thank you so much Vandana, Ruchi, Tania & the entire SOL team for the efforts you guys have put in. All of you have been a great support for Udita’s wedding. We look forward to our association in many more weddings to come.

    Ms. UDITA AGRAWAL (Bride)

    Shaadionline provided us with a great experience during our wedding. All our needs were taken care of by the entire team. Being the bride, I didn’t have to suffer any convenience as everything was very well taken care of. The best thing about Shaadionline is that even after the wedding was over, they’re always there for us if ever we need them.

  • Nitish Jain and Riddhika Khanna February 2016

    Mr. Deven Chand Jain, Director, Misrilal Mines Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

    NEHA JAIN (Sister of the Groom)

    Thank you all so much, the entire team has made the wedding a huge success. My family is very happy. Honestly last evening we all were discussing how lucky we are to have met such a wonderful group of people and that you took this not like business but more like your own family wedding, that hasn’t gone unnoticed by anyone and including our guests.

  • Simran Godhwani and Keerat Dhillon April 2015

    Mr. Sunil Godhwani, Chairman, Religare Group, New Delhi

    Mr. Gurinder Singh Ji Dhillon, Leader Radha Swami Satsang Beas, Moga, Punjab

    Sameer Godhwani and Sana Mehta Jan 2013

    Mr. Sunil Godhwani, Chairman, Religare Group, New Delhi

    MR. SUNIL GODHWANI (Father of Bride)

    Dear Jai, Vandana, Ruchi and to the entire team. THANK YOU so much for everything and making it so special and effortless. You all felt and worked like an extended family. Our sincere gratitude to all of you.

  • Akshay Sood and Vibhuti Mayor December 2014

    Mr. Ajay Sood, Managing Director, Eros Group, New Delhi

    Mr. Rajan Mayor, Managing Director, Mayor International, New Delhi

    MR AJAY SOOD (Father of Groom)

    Thank you very much. It wouldn't have been definitely possible without you and your teams tireless, dedicated and devoted efforts, resulting in a greatly appreciated wedding by all. Needless to say that you would be doing the next wedding. Thank you all so much, please convey our thanks to your team also.

  • Amar Sarin & Muskaan Vig January 2014

    Mr. Anil Sarin, Managing Director, Anant Raj Group, New Delhi

    Mr. Anil Vig, Director, Anika Global Trading Private Ltd., New Delhi

    MR AMAR SARIN (Groom)

    Thank you team Sol! The parties were outstanding. So were all the preparations leading to the parties... Everything was extremely smooth all thanks to you guys! Love to all.

  • Chhavi Sharma & Sehaj Chawla November 2014

    Mr. Aman Sharma, Director, Spaze Towers, New Delhi

    Mr. Bobby Chawla, Owner, Spaze Towers, New Delhi

    Rhea Sharma & Sahil Arora November 2015

    Mr. Aman Sharma, Director, Spaze Towers, New Delhi

    Mr. Rajkumar Arora, Director, Dilbagh Group, New Delhi

    MR AMMAN SHARMA (Father of the Bride)

    Thanks Jai. We really enjoyed our interaction with the whole team and it's your efforts which made the wedding a stress free and an enjoyable experience for all of us! God bless and thanks once again!!

  • Sheena Trivedi & Prateek Patni July 2014

    Mr. Ashok Trivedi, Co- Founder and Chairman, I-GATE, USA, New Delhi

    MR ASHOK TRIVEDI (Father of Bride)

    It had been an amazing experience of planning Sheena’s wedding in India. Although we do not live in India, your team took care of all the arrangements to make it a stress free and fulfilled affair for all of us.

  • Vidhi Gupta & Raghav Bajoria December 2014

    Mr. Ashok Gupta, Managing Director, AMD Industries, New Delhi

    MR ADIT GUPTA (Brother of Bride)

    In the process of marriage preparations etc, I have got to know u people as individuals. I want to thank u for making me feel that this was not a professional engagement but your own family affair. I truly felt that u guys are v clear souls and will really rise in life. Lots of love for making this affair as planned.

  • Anubhav Kathuria and Akanksha Taneja August 2012

    Mr. Subhash Kathuria, Director, Synergy Global Steel, New Delhi

    Mr. Ravinder Taneja, Chairman, TDI Group, New Delhi


    Weddings and family occasions are very personal and close to the heart of every family, and Shaadionline team relates to the feeling impeccably and take the pain to add that extra bit which makes all the difference. Our experience with the team of Shaadionline has been an unforgettable one, where they worked closely with the family and envisioned everything the same way as we did. Usually people do not enjoy their weddings because of the pandemonium, but I can easily attribute it to their efforts, that I enjoyed my wedding to the fullest.

  • Shradha Prakash and Arjun Jindal December 2014

    Mr. Udayjeet Prakash, R.C.SOOD and Company, New Delhi

    Mr. M.D Jindal, Director, Machino Polymers Limited, Delhi

    MR SATYEN PRAKASH (Brother of Bride)

    Thanks everybody for everything. We and our family could enjoy our functions as we were confident that the SOL team was there looking after all that we had planned. You all are family. Thank you once again and we look forward to seeing you all soon over dinner & drinks.

  • Akshi Walia and Dhruv Bhatia November 2014

    Mr. Arvind Walia, Managing Director, Ramprastha Builders, New Delhi

    MR ARVIND WALIA (Father of Bride)

    This is to thank you all for doing such a wonderful job for Akshi's wedding. You and your staff did such an amazing job. We are still getting compliments from our guests. We will always appreciate your hard work, and help in making our daughter's dream wedding come true. “Marriages are made in heaven” but we would like to add that they are best executed by SOL. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon over dinner & drinks.

  • Amit Jain and Shikha Mehra February 2015

    Mr. Ashok Jain, Leela Jewellers, New Delhi

    MR ASHOK JAIN (Brother of the Groom)

    A big thank you to you and the whole team, who have worked so hard and well most importantly made it feel like there own family wedding. Really appreciate everybody’s efforts. Thanks from the whole Jain Family.

  • Rashi Nayyar and Aditya Talwar December 2012

    Mr. Rakesh Nayyar, Freemans Group, New Delhi

    Mr. Deepak Talwar , Director, Wave Hospitality, New Delhi


    I would like to say a massive thank you to all the SOL team for doing such a fabulous job, and would also like to thank you for bearing all my bridezilla moments along the way!!


Combination of professionalism & family friendliness reaped the best of arrangements
– Kiran & Jatender Mehta, Omax Auto – New Delhi

I envy you for your patience & professionalism
– Renuka & Suman Munjal, Rockman - Ludhiana

I am strongly recommending to all my friends to pass their wedding tension to you and sit back & enjoy the wedding
– Alka & Krishan Goyal, Modern Steel – Chandigarh

Your personal touch to each event was like icing on the cake. We thank you all for providing services as a professional
organizers and personally as family members
– Punam & Adesh Gupta, Liberty Group – New Delhi

All your help was heart felt and made our daughter wedding a memorable one. The personal touch & genuine
concern reflected by Ms. Triptee shall always be cherished
– Bindiya & Rummy Chhabra, Metro Tyres

We would like to thank Shaadionline for the services rendered by them were very helpful and appreciated.
The planners working with us were very well versed with their
roles and discharge there responsibility very professionally
– Roshni & Nitin Passi, Lotus Herbals Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

We wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a special part in the wedding of our sister Swati with Akshay
– Sakshi & Puneet Kaura, Samtel Group, New Delhi

I am strongly recommending to all my friends to pass their wedding tension to you and sit back & enjoy the wedding
– Natasha Gambhir Arora (Bride) Today Homes & Infrastructure – New Delhi

Every single detail was tune to perfection & looking back we wonder nothing could have been better than this
– Geetika Mittal Gupta (Bride) Sonalika Tractors, Hoshiarpur

Thank You Shaadionline for creating a wonderful wedding experience for us
– Dhruv Batra (Groom), Perfect Bread, Faridabad