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Our Entertainment specialist would put together a complete entertainment package within your budget & which fits well with your taste, preference & wedding theme. When festivities are spread over a week or ten days or more you need entertainment to keep interest from flagging.So bring on a load of dance & music and you are on the road to entertainment nirvana. You could go Bollywood, for example and got some stars – A, B or C grade depending upon the purse strings. Or get the dance floor gyrating to a high profile DJ’s Rhythm. Why not go traditional and get true-blue folk singers to keep guests enthralled? Our entertainment services include:
  • Offering ideas for the thematic performance for individual functions that follow the overall concept of the wedding.
  • Arranging celebrity performers/ TV artist/ Bollywood stars/ international performers to make the functions unique.
  • Organizing cost effective performers for smaller functions.
  • Organizing folk artists for ritual specific singing (special bhakti songs, Punjabi tappas, jaago etc.)
  • Suggesting choreographer from delhi/ mumbai for an enchanting family experience.