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Wedding Planning
Wedding Planning
Do you want a wedding which
  • Reflects  your taste, style and personality?
  • Is hassle free, saves you stress and leaves nothing to chance?
  • All within your desired budgets?

Who is a wedding planner?

  • A consultant
  • A friend/guide/family
  • A trained professional
  • Has knowledge and experience
  • Understands your style and tastes
Guides and councils you all the way Is by your side till the last guest leaves

Someone who makes your wedding dreams come true….

How we work

  • Step I - Planning
  • Step II - Co-ordination
  • Step III - Execution

What we do

  • Couture/Signature Weddings
  • Theme weddings
  • Thematic dining concepts
  • Entertainment
  • Events
  • Floral  designing
  • Light designing